E-TTL Sync Cord For Canon Off Camera Flash 1.8m

E-TTL Sync Cord For Canon Off Camera Flash 1.8m
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E-TTL Sync Cord For Canon Off Camera Flash 1.8m

Off Camera E-TTL Flash Sync Cord for Canon Digital SLR

This ttl cable is 1.8m long we also have 3.6m and 10m long cables in stock

NOTE: 1.8m coiled cable extends to 1.5m - 1.6m Max

High quality construction

Our items are IN STOCK in New Zealand without long delay

For Canon Digital SLRs or Film Cameras, an E-TTL Flash Extension cable for Off-Camera Flash. This 2ft. cord is compatible will ALL Canon Speedlights (including the Digital compatible 380EX 580EX II 430EX 55OEX 420EX etc.) and Canon compatible Flash units from other manufacturers.

Move your E-TTL Flash off-camera to get any lighting angle you desire, and still retain all the functions and capabilities possible with Canon E-TTL ("Intelligent Through-The-Lens") Flash Photography.


TTL Remote Cord x1

English manual x1

Suitable For
Any Canon SLR (Digital or Film) and Flash combination can make use of this Off-Camera cord. It is fully compatible with the 220EX, 300EZ, 380EX, 420EZ, 420EX, 430EZ, 430EX, 480EG, 540EZ, 550EX, 580EX II

Replaces the Canon OC-E3 OC-SC 2

Remote TTL Flash cable for Canon, as OCSC2 OCe3 oce2

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