Toslink to Mini Toslink 1m Optical cable

Toslink to Mini Toslink 1m Optical cable
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Toslink to Mini Toslink 1m Optical cable

Toslink to Mini Toslink 1m Optical cable 1 metre

This premium cable features a mini-toslink connector on one end, and a regular toslink connector on the other.

Comon Uses
- Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer (Plugs into Flexijack)
- Apple computers - Macbook Pro
- Portable MiniDisc players

Connect your Airport Express or Macintosh with Optical output capabilites to your home theater system using this high-quality optical cable. Also for mini disc ( minidisc ) players and other suitable products

Experience the clarity of the digital audio output of your newer Macintosh with this high-grade fiber-optic cable. Specially designed to connect components with a Mini Toslink fibre optic connection to the standard Toslink connection found on most home theater units, this cable provides a secure, interference-free connection without the need for bulky, brittle adapters

Please see our other listings for standard toslink fibreoptic cable

TOSLink Mini-to-Standard Digital Optical Audio Cable
Specifications & features:

# Length: 1m
# Connectors: Mini male to Standard male
# Color: Black
# 5.0mm jacket: helps prevent cable damage and provides strain relief
# Gold-plated ferrule: prevents corrosion and provides maximum protection of the fiber tip
# Precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors)
# Moulded train reliefs reduce stress where cable and connectors meet

Popular devices that use Toslink mini connections include:
- Apple PowerBook G4
- Apple Imac G5
- Apple Mac Mini
- Apple Imac Intel
- Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro
- Apple Aiport Express 8.02 models

NOTE: This cable can not be used to connect a stereo, mini-phono, headphone jack, i.e. you can not connect your iPod's headphone jack to your stereos optical digital input.

CDIG-TOSLINK Cdig 1 meter

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